8 Alien Abductions Suggesting Underwater Alien Activity

Alien Abductions

Many of us, whether or not we believe in the stories, are aware of alien abduction stories. Weird and unusual stories of strange entities taking people out of their cars, lonely roads, and even their beds to do experiments in mysterious locations, usually claimed to be spacecraft in outer space.

However, as odd as those accounts maybe, one interesting aspect that surfaces in regression sessions more than we would expect is “underwater.” What’s more, several obvious abductees even talk of being taken not to a spacecraft in outer space, but a clandestine facility deep under the waters of our very own world.

1. Betty Hill Remembers “Going Underwater”

Husband and wife Betty and Barney Hill said they had been kidnapped on a desolate road in New Hampshire in September 1961. And their arguments have been met with some scepticism, and others’ outright mockery. Nevertheless, there have been many probes of the case. Much like a series of hypnotic regression sessions. The opinion is simply divided as to the authenticity of the story even today. Under one of these regression sessions – and of interest to us here – Betty refers to the peculiar craft she had just embarked on “entering the sea” with her husband. She even asks herself aloud (when under hypnosis) if such strange artefacts were really underwater.

This is a nuance that has only been overlooked by a few eagle-eyed UFO researchers. If Betty and her husband had been taken underwater after entering the odd worldly craft, the nature of the encounter would change, even though slightly.

2. Betty Andreasson was Taken To A “Museum Of Life” Beneath The Water!

Betty Andreasson claimed that she was not only one time, but several times kidnapped. Moreover, these experiences went back to when she was young. In 1950 when Andreasson was taken from her home, one such early encounters took place. But soon she would be put on a wheellike vehicle that seemed to fly by herself. The following thing she knew was in the waters off the U.S. coast.

Even more unusual, this underwater vessel took her to an invasive aquatic base. There,   she was fascinated by what she would describe later as a “museum of life.” She would claim this held human samples from all various eras of history in strange glass vessels.

As we would guess, several views of this experience, as well as those made by Andreasson, with a pinch of salt. However, her claims have been examined and investigated by several notable UFO researchers, which remain among the most debated in the UFO community.

3. Katharina Wilson Writes Of Marine Craft Taking Her To “Navy Vessel”

One of the better-known stories of alien kidnapping, perhaps, is that of Katharina Wilson. She would speak in detail about her encounters in the novel Alien Jigsaw. 

When composing of one experience, she makes claims, for example, heading “descending at a precarious point” towards the water. The next thing she knew, there was “water all around us”. She was, however, shielded from it, and before long acknowledged she was in a weird glass-like passage or cylinder. 

Also, this passage was going descending profound under the sea. 

Perhaps even stranger, she says that she has been moved to military “navy vessel” on another very similar occasion when the mysterious object she was on board eventually emerged from the sea. This would indicate at least some partial military participation in alien abduction incidents if we believe the reports are true.

Of course, what you will make of Wilson’s statement is up to you.

4. Orlando Jorge Ferraudi Taken To A “Giant Underwater Dome!”

While there is a dispute on the dates of the event (with some documents reporting 1956 and others citing 1965), Orlando Jorge Ferraudi’s alien abduction experience is one of the most fascinating on record. According to Ferraudi, he was confronted by a 7-foot humanoid figure in a shiny “tight-fitting overall” while fishing at a beach in Argentina at night. 

He was then taken onboard a disk-shaped craft and flew under the water surface. Soon he would be taken to a “giant underwater dome” under the Gulf of Mexico.  Ferraudi would further say that it looked like a “giant igloo”.  It was a “base for reconditioning our ships,” his hosts told him.

They would also tell him that, for thousands of years, genetic experimentation has taken place on humans in these facilities. What’s more, many alien races in the universe regarded the Earth as a “zoo-like place.” Perhaps more surprising, all life on Earth was part of these evolutionary experiments in some way and they all had their roots on other planets.

5. Linda Cortile – Abducted And Taken Beneath The Water Of The East River

Linda Cortile ‘s suspected alien abduction is perhaps one of the most well-known of these incidents, probably because it was investigated by Budd Hopkins, a veteran UFO researcher. Nonetheless, there is one particular aspect of the kidnapping that is of concern to us here. 

Unbeknown to Hopkins when he first took on the case of Linda Cortile – who believed she was kidnapped from her New York high-rise apartment in November 1989 – was that many people had observed the incident from the ground below. 

Two security guards-identified as “Richard” and “Dan”-were driving past the Brooklyn Bridge on the evening in question. Eventually, their passenger was discovered to be UN Security General Javier Perez de Cuellar. While they drove, the car engine died for no apparent cause. When they got out to ask, they were surprised to see Cortile floating through the air along with three odd figures. What’s more, they moved toward an object in a disc-shaped form. The craft once within made a sudden turn and crashed into East River waters. It was out of reach under the surface in a moment.

Cortile (under hypnotic regression) had made some interesting statements several months before the two security guards came forward with their details. She said Hopkins the UFO in which she was had come to a sudden stop “under the water.” She could see it out of a window, however. She can recall seeing general trash like bottles of soft drinks on the water’s surface. Remembering her descent through the East River depths?

6. Filiberto Cardenas – From A desolated Miami Road To A “Huge Hangar” Under The Sea

While travelling around the suburbs of Miami in 1979 with a friend and their relatives, Filiberto Cardenas was subject to one of the strangest reported abduction experiences. Cardenas found a large disc-like craft overhead after leaving the vehicle to see why the car engine had abruptly halted. The next thing he knew, he was hit by a beam of light, which raised him toward the ship. His friend and others in the car witnessed the whole incident and reported it. Cardenas was finally found after a two-hour search, blustered and confused in the middle of a busy highway about 10 miles from his house. He had been permitted to return home after a medical examination.

On the dish-shaped ship, he was put inside a smaller vehicle after some unusual experiments with various humanoid creatures. It then seemed to trigger and direct itself. It would head into the sea, breaking the surface and entering a tunnel underwater. Cardenas would eventually find himself somewhere under the sea in a “big hangar.” What could make Cardenas’ account even more interesting is that his hosts gave him some predictions of future world events, several of which would prove to be extremely accurate?

7. Anna Jamerson Not Certain If Her Alien Abductors Took Her Beneath The Water

Anna Jamerson will describe some possible experiences with aliens in her book Connections. And while they were not as straightforward as other people on our list, the information they would give is rather evocative of submarine activity. For instance, one experience, when she saw a “great ocean liner coming to me, bow first,” she writes about how she was in a mysterious boat. The next thing she knew the ocean liner appeared above her. And to the point, she was brought under the water’s surface.

Perhaps the most shocking thing is that, before entering a “long tunnel with soft sides,” she writes that she is in such a craft. Also, green light seemed to be at its peak. Were the “soft sides” actually water around the tunnel, like the glass-like tunnels Katharina Wilson has described? Such disclosures have been made under hypnotic regression. Yet the therapist who led the session turned her away from the green light at this critical point. This means that Jamerson, like us, doesn’t know what the meeting was or where it happened.

8. Was Fred Valentich’s Disappearing A Case Of Aquatic Alien Abduction?

Fred Valentich ‘s disappearance in 1978 could in itself fill a whole volume. Perhaps not least because more than 40 years later it remains unsolved. What happened to the young pilot from south-east Australia is still being discussed today. This is, however, a situation where UFO hunters have long believed to be one of the abductions of aliens. And one that could include an underwater base somewhere under Bass Strait waters.

It was while flying over this strange stretch of water that Valentich radioed the control tower. He would mention that there was an unseen object flying over him, and it was clear that he was terrified. He reported several minutes after the first transmission that whatever the object was “it wasn’t an aircraft.” Then, he just disappeared. The last sound that the control tower heard was a chilling metal-on-metal screech.

The area went ahead with a major search, but no trace of Valentich or his plane ever appeared. Of even greater interest, many witnesses in the area reported seeing a mysterious object at around the same time as radio calls from Valentich. One of the most interesting was that of Roy Manifold, who also took an image of the strange thing. Nevertheless, it was his son’s assertions, Jason, that were of greatest concern. He would say that he remained where he was, listening to a plane somewhere in the distance until his father had returned inside. Then, the plane unexpectedly went quiet “as if someone turned it off?”

Was Valentich an alien abduction victim? Because if so, was he brought to one of the unusual facilities that many scholars claim to be deep under the Earth’s oceans?

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