10 Interesting Facts About Rafale Fighter Jets

Out of 36 fighter jets, 5 Rafale fighter jets landed in India. These fighter jets have been purchased from France’s Dassault Aviation. An agreement for 36 rafale aircraft, for a cost of 7.8 billion euros, was signed between New Delhi and Paris in 2016.

Here are 10 interesting facts about Rafale fighter jets

1. One of the first fourth-generation aircraft is the Rafale fighter jet. It can carry a mix of armament and deliver them accurately.

2. The Rafale fighters are built in such a way that they can ensure their survivability with onboard systems itself. It is a high-precision Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft that ensures high manoeuvrability.

3. These jets have two engines and can carry up to three 2000 litres tanks on each of the wet points.

4. Rafale trade-off between side and ventral air which allows a adjure up fuselage and better freight-carrying capability.

5. Such air to air refuelling jets can be fuelled in buddy mode by another aircraft.

6. The Rafale fighter jets have Israeli helmet-mounted displays, radar warning receivers, infra-red search and tracking systems, low band jammers, and 10-hour flight data recording.

7. Rafal can reach the battle area with a net-centred data link that allows the Rafale to share information with other aerial materials.

8. This also features a radar (AESA) with a 350-km range and an integrated Electronic Warfare (EW) network. India became the fourth fleet nation to be the Rafale fighter jet after Egypt, France and Qatar.

9. Rafale fighter jet can carry up to six air-to-air missile (AAM), and six specialists bombs

10. Rafale jets were obtained through the Foreign Military Sales route (FMS).

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