7 Cutest Animals You Ought To See

Cutest Animals

Check at some of the cutest creatures you’ve never seen before, from the delightfully small American Pika to the surprisingly adorable Tree Kangaroo.

The World’s Cutest Animals: Red Panda

Very closely associated with raccoons and weasel, the cute red pandas’ frolic in the Himalayan, Burma and Central China forests. Such cute creatures are barely growing larger than a house cat and spent much of their time in trees. Yet their numbers dwindled due to deforestation.

Long-Tailed Chinchilla

South America is special to these sweet and cuddly critters. The species was considered extinct in the 1950s, but it was rediscovered in the late 1970s. Since then, they have, sadly, appeared regularly on the most endangered species list. Conservation measures are in place but figures are still increasing.

The Cutest Animals You’ve Never Seen: Tree Kangaroo

The tree kangaroo is closely related to the native Aussie, kangaroos and is found in rainforests throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea. There are 10 tree kangaroos of various species. Tree kangaroos, although clumsy on the ground, are very competent and agile on trees. Their strong hind legs are used to climb and enable them to descend from great heights.

Cutest Animals In The World: Baiji Dolphin

Known as the “Yangtze Goddess,” the Baiji dolphin was a species that frolicked on the Yangtze River in China. Their stocky body, long, thin snout, small eyes and tiny ear openings where other dolphin’s eyes would be, made them identifiable. Sadly in 2006, the species was declared extinct. The species declined rapidly due to the heavy industrialisation of China and constant river use. While a sighting of a single Baiji dolphin occurred in 2007, the species is still considered functionally extinct since a few are not sufficient to save the entire population from total extinction.

American Pika

The American Pika is the petite relative of hares and rabbit. Usually, they are found in mountainous regions of the western United States and southwestern Canada. Their greyish brown fur, small, round ears and no visible tail. Pikas typically harvest and store food to last during the winter months, and are often seen gathering wildflowers. Unfortunately, global warming is playing a huge part in their dwindling numbers.

The Cutest Animals You’ve Never Seen: Black-footed Ferret

The black-footed Ferrone is the only North American ferrite creature. They were brought back from near-extinction in 1986 and are still thriving (though in small numbers). The furry ferrets live off a diet of prairie dogs, can sleep up to 21 hours and are creatures of solitude.

The Cutest Animals Ever: Kinkajous

Kinkajous are rarely seen adorably, frequently heard nocturnal species often known as the honey bear. They are originally from Central and South America. They are closely related to the raccoon and, thanks to traditional grooming, look so fluffy and cute. They are provided with a long tail that serves as an extra hand, and sometimes blanket and their feet will turn for fast running in both directions.

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