11 Funny Things You Probably Didn’t Know Until Now

11 Funny Things You Probably Didn’t Know Until Now

We don’t know a ton of stuff!   It’s not a big deal because no-one knows it all. Nonetheless, we miss some easy stuff we should have learned back a long time, for some reasons. If it’s truth, tips or tricks, there’s an ocean of stuff we all need to learn to make our lives easier or more beautiful. Here’s an eclectic list of 11 obscure items you probably never knew before.

1. Chewing Gum Stops Onions Tears

While no one can tell the reason behind this, for many the trick works entirely. Next time try to chew gum while slicing onions to prevent eye pain.

2. Fire Has No Shadow

Under ordinary conditions, fire doesn’t project any shadow or at all. It is so because the fire itself is a wellspring of light. It doesn’t create shadow except if the foundation light has an unexpected shading in comparison to fire.

3. iPhone Clock’s Hands Move

Most iPhone clients don’t have a clue about this. On the off chance that you own an iPhone, remember to check the moving hands-on iPhone’s clock symbol. Ensure your iPhone runs on iOS 7 or above before checking.

4. A Baby Rabbit Is Called Kitten

We ‘re all calling a baby rabbit a baby rabbit. A newborn rabbit is called a kitten or kit. Baby bunnies, we mean, kittens, too, look adorable.

5. Utilizing Straw And Soda Can The Proper Way

Have you at any point asked why there is a gap in the soft drink can tab? The sole motivation behind the gap is to hold the straw appropriately.

6. Skittles Replaced Lime Candies With Green Apple

The green confections in Skittles are not lime seasoned any longer. Skittles supplanted lime confections with green apple in 2013.

7. How Much Charge Is Left In The Battery? Ever Checked

You don’t have to lick or attempt different ways. The least difficult approach to locate the rest of the charge in a battery is to drop it vertically from a little height. A fully charged battery will not bounce back.

8. The Secret Behind This Symbol

You see the icon everywhere, but do you know the true significance of it? Here it is-the the true meaning of the universal symbol of power.

9. This Display Trick

How many of you have seen this deceiving show trickery in a store? Sure, many stores use this trick to make anything inside look full and fine!

10. ‘Buttload’ Is An Actual Measurement

‘Buttload’ is certainly not an easygoing or slang term. It is a real estimation generally utilized by the alcohol industry. One buttload is 126 gallons.

11. Takeout Boxes Can Be Used As Plates

They are made to work that way. You don’t have to move the food from the takeout box/compartment to a plate.

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