Dog Obedience Training

Effective Methods for Correcting Dog Behavior Problems

There used to be a time when only affluent pet owners could afford dog obedience training classes for their pets, which is why so many dogs are left untrained and predisposed to bad dog behavior, but that is no longer the case. Today, there are several dog training options that any dog owner can choose from, and many of these options don’t even cost a single cent.

When we talk about dog obedience training, what immediately comes to mind is obedience school, where a highly qualified dog trainer will take the reins and train them for you within a few sessions. According to many dog experts, the most effective method for training dogs and correcting bad behavior is for you to train your own animal.

Obviously, this will require considerable time and effort on your part, but that is just a normal part of being a responsible pet owner. In fact, a lot of cases where a dog displays bad behavior stem from the fact that their owners don’t spend enough time with them, which leads to an unhealthy clamoring for attention.

Your Dog Obedience Training Classes

Are You The Pack Leader? – Dog obedience training at home doesn’t have to be as difficult as most people perceive it to be. Oftentimes, all you really have to do are simple things like being firm when giving your dog commands and making him see that you are the one in charge, not him. Many people ‘allow’ their dog to be in charge. How many people do you see walking their dog…or rather the dog pulling their ‘owner’ along.

Dog Jumping – One effective way to do dog obedience training is by handling their dog collar properly. As they run towards you, get down and get a firm hold of the collar under his chin. Pull down on it gently but firmly to prevent him from jumping up. If he stays still, reward him with some modest praise, a brief tummy rub or a treat.

It might also be a good idea to keep your dog on a leash whenever you are expecting visitors to arrive at your house, especially if you are still in the middle of dog obedience training and your pet hasn’t completely learn’t what is expected of him yet. By keeping him on a leash, you can control his movements much easily and also keep him from jumping up on your unsuspecting guests. You can hold them at your side in a calm position.

Excessive Dog Barking – If the problem is excessive barking, the best dog obedience training method is to temporarily ignore him. Many dog owners yell at their pets when the barking begins but this only antagonizes the dog further. He may even think you are encouraging him to bark some more because you are also making noise, just like he is. On the other hand, if you ignore him, it is very likely that he will soon stop barking on his own. It is in fact the ‘rewarding of bad behavior’ if you yell and ‘join in.’ To show what you want from them, as soon as they are quiet, let them know you are pleased. Say ‘good dog.’ When they begin to bark, firmly say, ‘No.’

Another effective dog obedience training technique to stop excessive barking is to use a shaker can. You can make one yourself by putting small pebbles in a sealed can. Each time your dog begins barking like crazy, shake the can while commanding him to stop at the same time. The loud rattling in the can will startle him, causing him to stop. When he does, make sure to give him praise!

These are just a few dog behavior problems, that can be easily overcome with firm, set rules. Once your pet knows the rules from your dog obedience training sessions, you will have a pet that will make you very proud indeed.

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