My Dog Is Vomiting

Of all the questions that vets get concerning animals, one that they hear the most is this – what do I do when my dog is vomiting? It’s just normal for a dog owner to worry when they see their dog throwing up all over the place. However, the first thing that should be done in such cases is to not fall into a panic.
nstead, what I do when I see that my dog is vomiting is to think back to what he had eaten last. This usually provides a useful clue as to what the cause of the vomiting is.

If your dog has not eaten anything out of the ordinary, then it’s possible that he has acquired some kind of infection from biting or chewing on things that are contaminated with some kind of bacteria or other substance that doesn’t sit well in his stomach.

There are also some internal factors that may lead to your dog being physically sick, like too much bile production in the stomach, the existence of various intestinal obstructions, or simple gastritis.

Unless the condition is very grave, most cases where a dog vomits can easily be dealt with without having to see a vet.

You should not give your dog any food for 2 to 3 hours. This will give him time to recover from whatever it is he has eaten. In some rare cases, you might have to refrain from feeding your dog for up to one whole day.
Do make sure he has access to fresh drinking water at all times though. Once he is ready to start eating again, you should start by giving him smaller portions than what he is used to so as not to shock the digestive system. Avoid giving him foods that contain salt or onions.
There is really no guarantee that you will never see your dog not be sick, no matter how careful you may be in caring for your pet. However, there are things that you can do in order to reduce the risks considerably, such as giving him smaller but more frequent portions of food. This will ensure that your dog doesn’t get too hungry in between meals that he ends up eating to fast, which is one of the possible causes of vomiting in dogs.

You should also keep his surroundings as clean as possible in order to minimize the risk of him swallowing or biting anything that is unfit for consumption. This is a natural behavior in dogs and whether we like it or not, they will always eat something we wish they hadn’t.

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