Dog’s Chewing Problem

One of the toughest things you might ever have to do is stop a dog’s chewing problem. Dogs chew all the time, its natural and not always bad dog behavior. It’s soothing to them, it’s how they keep their teeth clean and it keeps them busy, but if it’s your furniture they are chewing on, it can also be very frustrating.

You should know that you can stop dog’s chewing problems in no time if you use the right tools to get the job done. There are many suggestions, but these tips are tried and true and you’ll find that the remainder of your things last for a very long time when you follow these ideas.

1: Dog Chew Toys – Chew toys should be your best friend

If you don’t use chew toys to stop dog’s chewing, then you are going about it in the wrong way. You know that dogs chew and if you don’t let them, you’ll cause them to have bad teeth, so why try to break the behavior? Instead of trying to get your dog to stop chewing, you should encourage him to chew on the right thing. So, for instance, tell your pooch no when he chews on your favorite shoe, but tell him he’s a good boy when he takes his chew bone. In time, he will learn what he is allowed to get into and what he needs to stay away from.

2: Stop Dog Chewing – Play with your dog

If you’re not playing with your dog, it’s unlikely that you’ll stop any dog’s chewing. Dogs love, love, love to play. It’s their favorite thing to do with you, so make sure that your dog isn’t bored and that’s what’s making him chew your stuff. Instead of letting him get into things, encourage your pooch to play with you for a good long time. By the time you’re done, he will be, too and you’ll stop dog’s chewing in this way.

3: Training – Put him in a crate

Putting your dog in a dog crate is not cruel and it’s one of the best ways to housetrain your dog and to stop dog’s chewing. When you aren’t home, you should always make sure to put your dog in a crate so that he won’t get mad at you for being gone and tear into your leather chair. You may not have to do this forever, but don’t rush it, either. It takes a while to stop dog’s chewing and this is going to be one of your best tools in doing so. Give your pooch a chew bone for when you’re gone so that he can take out anxiety or boredom with his bone and you’ll come home to a house that is just like you left it and your dog won’t be in trouble.

Remember that it isn’t easy to stop dog’s chewing, but if you stay diligent and make sure to keep forbidden items away if you’re not able to watch your dog, you will find that he is a good boy and doesn’t chew your things in no time.

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